If you are considering the extra-large poly-pad, please read this first!

Many players use shoulder pads incorrectly. A shoulder pad, correctly used,
should NOT lift the instrument off the collarbone to raise it to the chin.
Its proper use is to fill the space between shoulder and instrument while
providing comfortable support and stability.

Properly held, the instrument should rest on the collarbone, above the
shoulder (not the chest). The underside of the jawbone (not the front of
the chin) should rest easily on the chin rest (which really is a jaw rest).

If there is space between your jawbone and the chin rest that makes holding
the instrument awkward, try positioning your instrument more to the left,
above the shoulder rather than the chest. Here there is less space to fill.
Never try to fill the space by hunching your shoulder upward or forward
or leaning your head sideways or downward!

You should be able to hold, balance, and play your instrument with head, neck,
and shoulders in a comfortable, relaxed, natural, normal position!

If, despite repositioning the instrument, there is still space to be filled, you need
to find a higher chin rest. Check with your local dealer or online dealers for the
many heights and styles of chin rests available today. Do not assume that the
chin rest that came with your instrument should be right for you, and do not
give up until you find a chin rest/shoulder rest setup that enables you to play
with ease and comfort!

You may still need a high shoulder pad. That is fine as long as you use it for the
purpose intended, not as a remedy for a chin rest of inadequate height.

Best wishes for comfortable, healthy playing!